Sunday, 2 April 2017


After talking today about various things within the 11am conversation.
I found simplicity to be a theme that came to my own mind as I sat back and listened for the first half of the conversation and stumbled my way through the second half.
Having the confidence to form your own ideas and present it to others for discussion required more than we had all considered.
It was the confidence to stand strong about what we wanted to talk about and our own understanding of that topic.
I felt like I was swimming and being too 'free' with my non positivist approach and could feel the structure of my research slipping away! Not expecting anything and wanting to do too much to make sure nothing was missed, structurally,  analytically, ethically and questioning the exact effects my presence would on my research.
Trying to be able to organize everything into a phenomological approach to qualitative  research was driving me slightly mad!
After throwing my words around Joanne very kindly told me to keep it simple... though directed at a particular part of my research It was relevant to the whole process. To narrow down, to keep it relevant means keeping it simple.  Filling all the relevant gaps along the way starting to form a structure and if necessary develop and add on to ideas but trying to do too many things at once makes it complicated and hard to find the 'core' or the starting point. To be able to write and start to produce a useable structured framework.

Simplicity I think flows through within my own professional practice, though performance and choreographing sequences will be complex and require many different aspects Aswell as movement, to teach we break it down to simpler forms dependent on the learner. Trying to do too much in a lesson or teach too many techniques at once can cause chaos and I felt like I was swirling around within this chaos I had created for myself. To keep it simple and still also relevant going back to last months chat I can  figure out how to guide my research into a framework and form structure. It doesn't mean I discard all  my ideas it means I know bring a focus to them. Once this is done I can allow the collies on the water colour painting to blend! ( analogy we all liked by Helen) Making a start on a framework which is a revelation as I couldn't see at which point to start before!
So thank you guys super helpful chat to just spark ideas in each other.

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  1. True Alice !! It sounds very simple when we read about the research framework but I too felt it is hard to narrow it downand think beyond the box so that we create a sensible proposal.