Sunday, 4 December 2016

Direction and inspiration

The Skype call today at 5 pm was so amazingly helpful and interesting.
Do you ever come out of teaching and dance class so proud of everything that has just happened in that studio? Just like you have no idea what those students ate for breakfast but it worked 110%  You come out inspired and with creative direction for the next week, section or routine. 
This is how I felt with this Skype call today. Through listening to people on module 3 discuss their case studies and us all discuss the blend between personal and professional development, I found myself sitting back and just listening and loving talking to like minded people. Being so interested in everybody's journeys and studying helped me in my own. Prompting thought processes, which wouldn't have occurred without discussion from others who understand the profession. 
I feel like I have so many ideas and inspirations tonight and a clear direction for my writing to go in that I don't need the usual caffeine fix, half an hour of tapping my feet and getting nowhere,before getting to it. 
A lot of things discussed tonight resonated with me and the answers to my confusion of overthinking and maybe previously trying to divide myself are really useful and something I am hopefully going to carry through and use to enhance my writing.