Monday, 19 September 2016

Stage 1

Having taught dance for the past 7 years and been able to travel and experience different cultures. I am so excited to start this new journey.

If I ever stop learning I think I'd cease to exist. Working in an industry that is evolving all the time can make it hard to keep up, but that is also the most fun. There is no chance of ever getting bored.
However there is a chance of falling behind. The day a child comes into my class and tells me something I have never heard of will be the day I need to look back and see where I got stuck.

Studying this MAPP course will not only expand my knowledge and allow me to transform and grow as a dance teacher. It also allows me to look back at what I have learned and how I have learned it.
This is so exciting as I feel most of my time spent training and teaching was about looking forward, always wondering what's next and what I can do better next time. To go back and to take the time to reflect is something that is completely alien but I think it will bring a deeper understanding of myself and my teaching.

I know this wont be easy but I'm willing to give it everything I've got.

Here is to many cups of teas, late nights and head scratching!

Sunday, 18 September 2016


A blissful, peaceful and paradisaical place or frame of mind. A place where you lose yourself and feel inner peace and happiness. Is this where we go when we dance? When we don't think about the movement anymore and are so fine tuned with the music that its almost a blur to remember.
At what point do our movements become so natural we no longer remember where they came from.