Friday, 10 February 2017

Do we realise the benefits our students gain in our classes and studios?

 I have found myself interested in many directions with regards to philosophy and dance, from Katahrine Dunham and her racial, anthropological acceptance and equality to Sondra Fraleigh and her links with movement and healing.

With looking at what other practitioners have achieved as they have looked outward at the communities, countries and philosophical and political effects. I found my self wondering why I was unfamiliar with some these practitioners as they have paved the way for my own learning and teaching. Martha graham and her manipulation of gravity and use of breath has been the foundation of what I was taught and performed and now pushes through within my own teaching, yet I was unaware of the origin. As i start to delve into other literature and start to look at my own interests, the possible effects we have on a child's development keeps pulling me back, I wonder what and how exactly it does benefit the children I teach, if at all?

I think it's something we can overlook as we focus on the routines, the spacing, their technique and how well they're advancing and how to help their progress it can all become localised to within the classroom.
Yet to explore the possibility of developmental benefits as a direct result of what happens within Dance classes is a wondrous concept to me.

This is an article, one of many, that has lit a dozen light bulbs within my own mind triggering heaps of questions and a want to explore these avenues further. Are there any direct developmental effects from my own classes? and is it a direct causation? If their are developmental benefits then would this be enhanced as I am made aware of them and can work towards or enhance any qualities found? Are their exiting methods to use dance as a tool to enhance development? Would that make a difference or would does it occur naturally and exist with no causation to individual teacher?

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Embodiment and Dualism

Well hasn't this sparked off some discussions within my household.
Making use of my 'in-between time' I have been reading through the module 2 handbook and reading and researching influential practitioners (currently adoring Katharine Dunham and Sondra Fraleigh).
Yet it was not til recently I thought to ask others how they thought of our minds and bodies. Do they lean towards dualism or embodiment?
As soon as I read both definitions there was no doubt in my mind as to my own opinion. I believe the mind and the body are connected and the body can influence the mind.
Yet having very technological people in my life this has sprouted heated discussions of how their opinions differ, they believe the body and mind are two completely separate entities and we are no different to a computers core processor.
It's interesting to hear others opinions from a modern viewpoint and their own interpretations and explanations.
It has caused me to look deeper into what I believe and why ? Is it because of my chosen profession and my own understanding and connection with my own body through dance and movement that I believe in a link and the influence of the body?  Have I actually read, understood and researched into both embodiment and dualism enough to be so certain about my own beliefs? Did I just to jump to a decision?
Though still leaning towards embodiment I will continue to research and understand both to find out exactly what I believe and hopefully why?
I found this article really helpful to put things into perspective and help with the debates going on within my family as I feel this puts embodiment into a simpler form and also pushes through clear research (it was also pretty helpful it used references to computers to help my own case while debating).
Wondering how everyone else is getting along and if you have any thoughts or have come across any good articles or books.
I have just started reading moving consciously by Sondra Fraleigh ( recommended on my very first blog post by Helen) so will hopefully feedback on that soon!