Thursday, 20 October 2016

Discovering AOL's

After talking over skype this morning about my AOL'S it was a realization that I hadn't gone deep enough. I had just skimmed the top of my learning and my thought processes need to take a dive to a level of deeper understanding and specificity. I came away with areas of learning that were specific to me and as I reflect on my first attempt it seemed to be a very general list of AOL titles that could have fit many people.I now have a focus and lots of research to do!
I understand that this is a learning process meaning you have to start somewhere to achieve what is desired. The light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. At the start of my call I felt like couldn't even see the tunnel never mind the light. Now I feel I am just at the beginning, with a lot of articles and drafts ahead. The light is definitely there no matter how small. I know it will be a lengthy process and not necessarily and easy one but it is a journey of self discovery, learning and reflection that has now begun. 


  1. Hi Alice, i have jusrt had my skype meeting this morning, and it was so great to read your post as I feel like you. I too, have skimmed the top and have not reflected enough. I know this is a learning process but right now I don´t feel that I have much to give to warrant a pass for this module. My teaching has adapted over the years, but how, what an earth have I done to change and is it good enough? Feeling overwhelmed, to say the least. Samantha

  2. Hey Samantha, I think we are going to have good days and bad days. We are going to feel frustrated at times and overjoyed at others. I'ts just pushing through those tough times. I think it's good to take each day as it comes and as long as we are headed in the right direction we will eventually get there. That's what I am telling myself anyway. I know its a personal journey but it is good to know you're not alone and we are all going through the same things!